Battle Cat 2020 Recap

The canopy was blue and clear and the few gentle clouds that came to see the pre-race soon left the scene.  It was forecasted to be a 73° clear day in the 408. The Plaza at Cesar Chavez Park gives a clear view to watch as riders arrive from all compass directions. We showed upContinue reading “Battle Cat 2020 Recap”

Battle Cat Race Shirt Sponsorship Letter

OVERVIEW I’m writing to you on behalf of a group of riders called San José Fixed Gear, founded 14 years ago by fixed gear riders who live, eat and breathe in the South Bay.  We primarily ride bikes with a fixed gear, bikes with a drivetrain that have no free-wheel mechanism. The fixed-gear bicycle isContinue reading “Battle Cat Race Shirt Sponsorship Letter”

Rides This Week: 10.5.20

Here’s the rundown of this week’s rides. Tuesday Night Ride this week features two nice overlooks of the city. Yerba Buena is fun climb and descent and Fowler is like a long driveway with a nice view at the top. We will take Capitol Expressway back so please make sure you bring your lights! I’dContinue reading “Rides This Week: 10.5.20”

Rides This Week 9/28 + 1st Saturdays

Hey y’all! I wanted to start giving you a list of upcoming rides for the week. TNR this week features Comm Hill, a little baby bump in the middle of the valley, that will most likely be featured in an upcoming local Alleycat race. Choosing which side to go up and which side to comeContinue reading “Rides This Week 9/28 + 1st Saturdays”