Battle Cat Race Shirt Sponsorship Letter


I’m writing to you on behalf of a group of riders called San José Fixed Gear, founded 14 years ago by fixed gear riders who live, eat and breathe in the South Bay.  We primarily ride bikes with a fixed gear, bikes with a drivetrain that have no free-wheel mechanism. The fixed-gear bicycle is the standard in track racing design.  In short, these bikes are built to ride fast. In addition to track bikes, we are inclusive of all riders and bikes that can keep pace.  We host events regularly that bring people together who love their bikes.

This year we will be hosting our first annual Battle Cat Alleycat Race. An Alley Cat race is an informal bicycle race that takes place in urban cities. The common format is for organizers to give the checkpoints/manifest 5–30 minutes before the start of the race. Routing is up to the rider and the winner is determined by route, speed, and bit of luck. 

The thing that brings riders out the most is PRIZES and SWAG (stuff to take home).  It creates hype, buzz, and gives riders another reason to be competitive and participate.  In return, you’ll get exposure of your product/business to our group members and friends bringing you more business and good PR.  It’s a win/win situation. We have locked in food for all competitors, other bike related prizes and racer registration will pay for the cash prize.

The reason why we are reaching out to you because the more riders we get, the more of an impact we can have on our community and the bigger the cash prize becomes.  We plan to use the shirts as an incentive to get riders to pre-register for the event. 


We are hoping to design and print t-shirts and stickers for all the first 20 racers , supporters, workers, and volunteers who have helped make this competition happen. We intend to purchase 30 shirts to give to the participating riders and the volunteers that help work each of the checkpoints. 


  • To fund the full cost of printing 30  shirts & some stickers, we need to raise $500. On the front of the shirts will be the official BattleCat logo; on the back of the shirts we are selling “tiles” of ad space.
  • Each tile costs $50. Via Cash, Venmo or Paypal.  (Card payments will be $51.75 to cover fees)
  • Once a sponsor has made the decision to purchase ad space, they will be required to send an email to and include the desired existing logo/business image file as an attachment or downloadable link.
  • We accept cash or online payment and are open to business & individual sponsors alike.

$50 Venmo @tanner-marcoida

$50 PayPal 

$51.75 Credit Card Payment

Thank you so much for your time, 

Tanner Marcoida 



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